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Champion Cadet Competition - Frimley Park 2023

A huge virtual round of applause goes to Kohima's Cdt CSM Edward McKenna!

Champion Cadet Competition - Frimley Park 2023

15 April 2023

  • Lothian And Borders Battalion ACF

Lothian & Borders Cdt CSM Edward McKenna participated in this year's Champion Cadet Competition alongside cadets from the ACF, CCF and Staff Cadets from across the UK, placing 8th out of the 32 participants.

One cadet per Battalion participates in this annual competition and it is a huge achievement to be representative of your Battalion.

The competition tests both physical and mental aptitude and requires the cadets to compete against each other both individually and as members of a team in a range of activities. These activities include command tasks, shooting, map and compass skills (including night navigation), foot drill, first aid, logical problem solving and a comprehensive test of the entire ACF syllabus up to and including 3*.

Throughout the competition, the assessors look for signs of leadership, teamwork, self-discipline and unselfishness.

The winner of the competition is the cadet deemed by the selection committee to be the year's most inspiring example of an ACF.

A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS and WELL DONE go to Cdt CSM McKenna for representing Lothian & Borders Battalion and Brigade to such a high standard!

IMG 8972

Cdt CSM McKenna