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Challenge Week Day 1

Challenge Week Day 1

24 July 2021

  • Cumbria ACF

Cumbria ACF Challenge Week Day 1


Arnhem Company spent the day at County Headquarters and RAF Spadeadam carrying out refresher training on Drill, Weapon Handling on the Cadet GP Rifle and Fieldcraft amongst other things. Tomorrow, Arnhem company change over and the cadets that spent the day at the Castle get to head out to RAF Spadeadam for the day.


Burma Company spent the day at Dalton Detachment and Barrow ARC where they carried out command tasks, archery, and cross country. Tomorrow, they will be carrying out a round robin of Skill at Arms on the Cadet Small Bore Target Rifle, Shooting, Drill and Fieldcraft training at Dowdales.


Chindit Coy spent the day at Workington ARC doing a round robin of Skill at Arms (SAA) with the Air Rifle and Cadet Small Bore Target Rifle before firing on the range. They also carried out refreshers in First Aid.

Today, Chindit Coy appointed a new Company Sergeant Major (CSM), with SMI Simon Hine handing the reigns of CSM to SMI Gary Kelly. Congratulations on your new appointment SMI Kelly and thank you SMI Hine for the last 5 Years.

Chindit Coy will be heading to Warcop tomorrow and they are all really looking forward to fieldcraft training and the pairs fire manoeuvre with the paintball guns.