Cdt LCpl Thompson’s First Aid Actions

Cdt LCpl Thompson’s First Aid Actions

5 June 2023

  • Cambridgeshire ACF

Cambridgeshire ACF’s commitment to first aid training ensures that all our members are equipped with life saving skills. There is a however a crucial difference between having these skills, and possessing the courage, confidence and presence of mind to put them to good use. On 13th April this year, 14 year old Cdt LCpl Ollie Thompson, of Comberton Detachment showed he had these very qualities.

Whilst on holiday in Bude, Cornwall, Ollie and his two mothers, Nicola and Natalie, and brother Zak, were walking along cliff tops, when they saw a family with a man who was lying on the ground clutching his ribs as a result of falling over a park bench whilst playing with his children. Ollie immediately went to his aid, assisted by Natalie who is a Police Officer. Ollie assessed the injured man using the DRABC primary survey, checked that he was breathing Ok, and discovered the man had damaged his ribs. His family had already called an ambulance, but Ollie calmly provided reassurance, took off his hoodie top, and used it to keep the man warm. They were then joined by a passing paramedic, and between them they were able to monitor his condition and ensure the injured man was very well cared for until an air-ambulance arrived.

IMG 9527

Cdt LCpl Thompson.

Cdt LCpl Thompson joined Comberton Detachment in 2021, and has gained confidence and can ‘now do things I thought I would not be able to do.’ He said; ‘Its extremely important to learn first aid. The cadets gave me the skills and courage to help someone. It’s a really good feeling to have.’

Nicola Thompson said; ‘Ollie made us so proud. He helped by using his first aid skills and knowledge that he had learned from cadets, working with an off duty paramedic and his mum, to make sure he was ok and comfortable until the Helemed arrived. He absolutely had every confidence and went straight over to the man with no hesitation to help. If it wasn’t for the Army Cadets, he would not have learned these skills, which he now has for life.’

Text and photos by SI Doug Stuart