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Camp Begins

The Sergeant's Carde has arrived at camp! 'A Coy' have been in the field and 'B Coy' have fired the first shots of camp on the ranges.

Camp Begins

25 July 2021

  • Essex ACF

It's been an incredible first day of training for our cadets and adults!

For our residential cadets on the Sergeant's cadre there has been many safety briefings, as well as mandatory Covid-19 Tests. The Skill at arms refresher training has taken place with cadets completing their Weapon handling tests to ensure they can safely use the rifles during camp.

At the same time the Bubble camps for A and B Company's have begun in earnest. With cadets of B Company being lucky enough to get on the range and be the first cadets to get 'Get rounds down'. The cadets showed that they had picked up on the Marksmanship Principles lessons the they have learnt in the virtual realm over the last few months. With some coaching they quickly managed to transfer this knowledge into the applications of the shoot. Some impressive scores were seen and certainly all the cadets enjoyed the opportunity to be on the range despite the rain. For many this was a first time shoot and therefore a particularly exhilarating opportunity.

The cadets of A Company donned their cam cream and put into practice the virtual lessons they had been taught on field craft. They headed out on day 1 of their 48 hour field training phase, operating in 8 man sections using movement in the field as well as teamwork and leadership. The mantra of "if it's not raining, it's not training" was certainly said a few times! Despite the changeable weather the cadets had fun.

It's been a great start to the cadet camp but the fun and training does not stop there! Our new instructors have been learning drill and skill at arms. For some of our new instructors it's been their first time of practising drill in a squad. Although some of them were practising at home in front of the mirror before camp! Our new generation of volunteers have had some hands on weapon time today as they have started to be trained on the safe handling of weapons in the ACF. For some of our more experienced instructors there has been the chance today to refresh First Aid skills as we hosted day one of a First Aid at Work Course for our instructors.

We have had other companies in Friday Woods today doing investigations prior to their field craft phase. With one instructor comically "planning where to put the yurt & hot tub" or maybe they misread the email about camping? Either way they will surely have fun!

It has been a busy day for all and a shock to the system for many after the upheaval of the pandemic, but one thing is for sure we cant wait to do it all again tomorrow!

Yurt classrooms coats

Off to FridayWoods to do a Recce for field craft! See how many holes I can spot, make a plan to avoid them…. See where I can set up a hot tub and yurt, make sure dominoes has a clear route to deliver my dinner, you know, standard stuff.

UO Carter C Company.
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    Our new instructors on parade

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    Learning drill in Colchester.

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    LFT's before training

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    On the range at 16 Air Assault Brigade

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    Ready to fire

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    Paddle board fun

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