Cambs ACF Tops the Region for CVQs

Cambs ACF Tops the Region for CVQs

22 June 2020

  • Cambridgeshire ACF

Over the years Cambridgeshire has managed to put itself on the Eastern Region map with the highest number of Cadet Vocational Qualifications (CVQ’s) for their cadets.

The county offers three different CVQ’s, two of which are funded through the Government charity scheme (LIBOR), so have a time limit in length of availability/funding for the cadets as the scheme has now ended. In the past two years more than 300 passes have been achieved in the following qualifications:-

  1. BTec Level 1 Certificate in Teamwork and Personal Skills within a Uniformed Organisation – more than 150 passes;
  2. ILM Level 2 Young Leaders Award (YLA) – 102 passes;
  3. BTec Level 2 Diploma in Teamwork and Personal Development within the Community (TPD) – more than 80 plus a small number of Extended Certificates (see below).

The first two are LIBOR funded but are generally offered free of charge to the cadets, depending on their age and training level. However, currently there is no funding for the first qualification and the second has a limited number of spaces left - owing to COVID-19 this cannot take place at present as it is performed as a hands-on group activity.

The third qualification is offered to all cadets aged 16 or over by 31st August each year, and is based on their training within the ACF (or common sense). Duke of Edinburgh registration helps them also. They cover Teamwork and Communication; Health, Fitness and Nutrition; Adventurous Activities; Navigation; Expedition, and Volunteering. Any cadet who is unable to achieve the full Diploma has it converted into an Extended Certificate instead, but no-one to date has actually failed the qualification.

The CVQ’s are excellent for the cadets’ National Record of Achievement statement with their schools.

In September 2018 Cambridgeshire had roughly 20 cadets from Cambridge Regional College (CRC) enrolled, who - with assistance - completed their work during weekly visits to the county headquarters. Unfortunately not all were able to complete the full qualification owing to leaving or moving away, although one completed his remaining work despite leaving the cadets for the RAF!

The remaining 40 cadets enrolled that September were from the mainstream detachments, and with some workbooks waiting to have their final assessments before July 2020 we are expecting 45 full Diplomas. Last September 46 cadets enrolled and with only one cadet leaving we expect 47 full Diplomas.

Each intake has two years in which to complete their work but we try to complete them within one year in case the syllabus changes the following September. This means that this year’s cadets have pushed themselves to the limit in order to achieve their qualification, which awards them a certificate, practical employability skills and a badge.

Any cadet who enrols for the Diploma before the end of October has the chance to be nominated for the highly prestigious Westminster Award, which recognises cadets who may have overcome a personal challenge, helped a family member or friends, undertaken some amazing community/charity work or even just been a good all-round person. The ultimate reward is an all-expense paid two week trip to South Africa where they undertake local community work.

Text by Mrs Hyslop, Administration Officer, Cadets