Cambridge Cadets take part in Intelligence Corps Competition

Cambridge Cadets take part in Intelligence Corps Competition

20 February 2023

  • Cambridgeshire ACF

Making an intelligence picture of the ground.

On 10th-12th February, Bassingbourn Barracks played host to the Intelligence Corps Competition, which saw cadets from the Army Cadet Force (ACF) showcasing their skills in an intense and challenging competition. The event, which was held at the Beds and Hearts Cadet Training Centre, saw the cadets utilize their acquired skills in shooting, map reading, and cooking, as well as providing them with an opportunity to learn new skills outside of the ACF syllabus.


Shooting paintballs at 'the enemy'.

The Intelligence Corps Competition provided a unique insight into how intelligence and information are gathered within the British Army and how these skills can be used in everyday life. The event was an excellent opportunity for the cadets to test their abilities and see how they measure up against other young people with similar interests.


Building a camp fire and cooking.

Cambridge Detachment was represented by a junior team who gave their all in the competition, despite facing some tough competition from other ACF units. The team demonstrated their exceptional skills and dedication, placing an impressive fifth overall.


Gathering intelligence in a pretend marketplace.

The event was a fantastic success, and all the cadets who participated gained valuable experience, which will undoubtedly prove useful in their future endeavors. The Intelligence Corps Competition provided a glimpse into the complex world of intelligence gathering and analysis, highlighting the importance of skills such as critical thinking and problem-solving, which are crucial in today's world.


Building a makeshift shelter.

Text and photos by SSI Sam Cole.