19 December 2020

  • Cambridgeshire ACF

Staff Cadet Sgt. James Godley (18), of Cambridge Detachment, has concluded his impressive cadet career with the award of Master Cadet, as well as obtaining an Army Officer Scholarship and beginning his training with Bristol University Officer Training Corps.

James joined Cambridge Detachment in 2017 and proved himself to be an exceptional cadet. He progressed quickly through the ranks to the role of Sergeant with responsibility for teaching and supporting junior cadets, and assisting adult instructors, and his effectiveness in this leadership role was recognised with the award of Best NCO in 2018 and the Cadets Choice Award in 2019, voted for by his peers for his positive and valued contribution to the detachment, the Company and Cambs ACF. He has regularly gone above and beyond to develop his own skills and achieve qualifications, including completing the BTEC Level 2 Diploma in Teamwork & Personal Development in 2019. He completed DofE Silver Award and captained the County team at Regional and National First Aid Competitions, with his team coming first and second respectively.

Picture by Doug Stuart

He went on to progress through all levels of the training syllabus and has recently attained the status of Master Cadet, the highest achievement level in the ACF. This was made possible as he was able to join the recently introduced Staff Cadet programme, which allows top performing cadets to continue their training up to the age of 21.

Reflecting on his time with our organisation, he said; ‘I wouldn’t change a thing. The cadets helped me improve mentally, developed my self-discipline and helped me to get physically fit.’

Soon after joining the cadets it became clear that he wanted to pursue a military career. Last summer he went in front of the Army Officer Selection Board at Westbury, where he completed the selection tests including command tasks, interviews and essay writing. As a result of this, he was accepted for an Army Officer Scholarship, meaning that the Army will help to fund his studies, and he will then take up a confirmed place at Royal Military Academy Sandhurst when he finishes at university. With this support in place, he started a degree course in Automotive Engineering at Bristol University in September, and joined the University of Bristol Officer Training Corps.

James’s longer-term plan is to become a Regular Army Officer in an Infantry Regiment. He said; ‘The cadets have given me invaluable experience which helped me get my scholarship. Its been a great advantage, the ACF makes you much more disciplined and professional. I’m really looking forward to starting my military career, getting out there, doing practical work, seeing the world, and knowing I will be surrounded by people I can trust and put my faith in. I can’t wait to get started’

Cambridge Detachment Commander 2Lt Houghton said; ‘We say goodbye to Staff Cadet Sergeant James Godley, who has been a dedicated and active member in the 3 years he has been part of Cambridge detachment in 3 Company. He has a great future ahead of him and we wish him all the best with his Army career.’

Text by PI Doug Stuart and 2Lt Houghton with thanks to Officer Cdt Godley