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Cadets show they care

Riverhead Hall Residential Care Home Visit - by SI T Murphy

Cadets show they care

4 May 2023

  • Humberside And South Yorkshire ACF

What started as a farewell tea for the Mayor of Driffield who a strong supporter of the army cadets has always been, to meeting other worthwhile groups in the community.

As part of our community engagement and also cadet in the community (DofE) I have been looking for a worthwhile group to engage with and luckily, I met one of the managers from Riverhead Hall Residential care home and I started discussing my thoughts which were warmly accepted so on the 23rd April (St Georges Day) the Driffield Detachment turned up to spread a little cheer and get to know the residents.

The cadets soon got to know the residents and we even visited residents who were unable to leave their rooms, it was amazing to see how two hours of our time made the day of the residents we met, so much so, upon leaving all the cadets asked when we could come back.

As the DC I was so proud of the cadets and the way they conducted themselves, but this also means that we have found a worthy community that we can help out from time to time.

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