Cadets look at MH No 1 Coy 3

Cadets look at Mental Health

Cadets look at Mental Health

17 March 2021

  • Greater Manchester ACF

By Capt Andy Pilling, Company Training Officer, No 1 (Minden) Company

Newly Promoted Cadet Sergeant Winder (Bury Detachment) and Cadet Sergeant Taylor (Ramsbottom Detachment) take their new ranks, as senior NCOs in the Company seriously, by considering their fellow cadets.

During the last 12 months cadets around the country have not been able to parade at their Detachments, go on camps, go to school for long periods or been able to meet their follow cadets friends. This can have adverse effects on individuals and their own personal health and mental wellbeing. Often going unseen by people around.

Cadets Sergeants Winder and Taylor gave the Company HQ team a presentation on how they will present to their fellow cadets, what mental health is and the impacts it can have if not looked after and how they can put things in place to look after themselves and fellow cadets.

As part of their plan, to improve mental wellbeing and to give a competitive element to their challenge. Individuals and Detachments will be challenged to go out and walk, record their efforts. This improving both wellbeing and overall fitness. As a reward winners and achievers will receive prizes from the Company.

Both Cadet Sergeants Winder and Taylor exemplify the values and standards of the ACF in their commitment to helping their fellow cadets.

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