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Cadets Get Stuck into their 2 Star First Aid

Cadets Get Stuck into their 2 Star First Aid

Cadets Get Stuck into their 2 Star First Aid

7 August 2021

  • 1st Northern Ireland Battalion ACF

Cadets from B Company under the leadership of B Company First Aid Training Officer Lt Natasha Rutherford took part in some of the first face to face training when they took part in a 2 Star First Aid Course held at Caw Army Reserve Centre, Londonderry. This course must be completed before the cadets can progress to take part in their 3 Star training.

The course covers many subjects such as Dealing with an Emergency, Primary Survey and recovery position, CPR, Bleeding, Choking and Fainting, Electric Shock, Burns, Asthma, Chest Pains, Foreign Objects, Head Injuries, Low Blood Sugars, Poisons, Severe Allergic Reaction, Seizures, Spinal Injuries to name a few, and to top it off the cadets must carry out an assessment at the end of the course.

Due to Covid-19 a few precautions are taken such as much smaller classes, when doing CPR, you must not give rescue breaths, each student is issued a Ressuannie doll each and a First Aid training pack and to ensure social distancing. the cadets cannot put each other in the recovery position so they demonstrate putting themselves into the position.

Cadets Carrying Out Back Slaps

The course is quite intensive, and the students must learn so much, but it is one of the most important social skills that any cadet will learn. When they first join the are taught Basic First Aid at Basic and 1 Star level and as the complete their 2 Star award, they complete this course followed by a period of revision at 3 Star, then at 4 Star level the cadets will complete a First Aid at Work Course.

The cadets attended on the second day of the course to continue their lessons and will complete the assessment at the end of the course which on successful students will be presented with a First Aid certificate which can be added to their Record of Achievement.