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Cadets and Cadet Force Adult Volunteers Shine at Beverley…

by Capt V Brooks

Cadets and Cadet Force Adult Volunteers Shine at Beverley Armed Forces Day

4 July 2023

  • Humberside And South Yorkshire ACF

On a very windy Saturday at the Defence School of Transport in Leconfield, a group of dedicated individuals came together to celebrate and promote the values of the Humberside and South Yorkshire Army Cadet Force. Attending the Beverley Armed Forces Day event, cadets and adult volunteers showcased their skills and core values, captivating the public with their passion and commitment

The event served as a platform for the cadets and volunteers to engage with the local community and highlight the incredible opportunities and life lessons one can gain from being a part of the Army Cadet Force. With their smart uniforms and exemplary conduct, they exemplified discipline, teamwork, and respect—values instilled within the organisation.

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Throughout the day, visitors were shown how the cadets map read, fieldcraft skills, and first aid techniques, along with information about how cadets take part in the DofE Award, which highlighted the practical skills and knowledge cadets acquire during their training. The cadets and adult volunteers made a genuine effort to connect with the public.

They engaged in friendly conversations, answered questions, and shared personal stories about their experiences within the organisation. Their enthusiasm was infectious, and many attendees left the event with a newfound appreciation for the Army Cadet Force and its ability to shape young individuals into confident, responsible, and resilient citizens.

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The presence of the Humberside and South Yorkshire Army Cadet Force at the Beverley Armed Forces Day event was a testament to the commitment of its members and the positive impact they have on their local communities. By promoting core values such as discipline, teamwork, and respect, the organisation ensures that its cadets are equipped with the necessary skills to succeed in all areas of life.

Moreover, events like these serve as a reminder of the vital role played by adult volunteers. Their dedication and passion for guiding and mentoring the cadets provide the foundation for their personal growth and development. The adults act as role models, passing on their knowledge, skills, and values, and nurturing the future leaders of our society.

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The Beverley Armed Forces Day event was a resounding success for the Humberside and South Yorkshire Army Cadet Force. Through their engaging demonstrations and personal interactions, the cadets and adult volunteers left a favourable impression on the public, with a lot of interest from visitors to start their own journey within the ACF.

Sergeant Instructor Hannah Cook, Detachment Commander Beverley said: “It’s important for the cadets to take part in community events, to showcase the amazing things we do. The cadets who were here today, did an amazing job alongside the CFAV and did me and the county proud in promoting the ACF.”

Colonel Fred Owen, Commandant said: "Armed Forces day is one of the highlights of our calendar when the community and the wider defence family comes together. It gives us all a chance to showcase the very best in modern defence as well as celebrate our veterans. This includes our cadets forces across all defence who are embedded in the community. Our cadet force volunteers and cadets stand side by side demonstrating that the skills provide a platform for lifelong leadership, resilience and tolerance."

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