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Cadet Retirement

Minden Cadet CSM Retires

Cadet Retirement

18 October 2022

  • Clwyd And Gwynedd ACF

This weekend was the final weekend as a cadet for CSM Faragher from Tywyn Detachment who reaching the right old age of 18 retires as a cadet. Her last detachment parade night was on her 18th birthday.

Elise joined Tywyn Detachment in January 2018 and has been an active cadet ever since. During her service, she has completed her four-star training award undertaking numerous courses including the Senior Cadet Instructors Cadre in February this year. Elsie was an active member of the detachment and Minden Company and also took an active part in Crecy Company the Senior Cadet Company. Elise was a member of the Clwyd and Gwynedd CADSAM team in 2022. As well as attending seven Easter and summer camps she has also completed her Bronze and Silver Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards.

Detachment Commander Louise Hughes said “Elise joined Tywyn detachment as a shy 13-year-old having moved to Wales from Worcester. Her confidence grew with each camp she attended, her determination to master new skills has been impressive and she was rewarded by climbing to the rank of Cadet CSM. Elise has been an energetic, motivational and, above all, essential part of making Tywyn detachment the success it is today.”

Elise will not be breaking the connections with the ACF as she has started the transition process to become an adult instructor.

Minden Company Commander Wendy Thomas said “Mixed emotions as we watched CSM Faragher say a teary goodbye to the Minden cadets on Sunday's final parade. This was short-lived though, as Elise Faragher turned 18 the very next day and paraded with Tywyn detachment as a new CFAV. We look forward to a smooth transition as she takes on her new role and brings her wealth of experience as a 4 Star cadet with her."

Elise said “Thank you to everyone who has made my cadet experience the way it was. I loved every moment, maybe not at the time, but I look back on it and am surprised by how much I can achieve if I push myself.”

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