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Recruit Enrolment Evening

A (Ferozeshah) Company

Recruit Enrolment Evening

10 February 2022

  • Wiltshire ACF
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On Thursday 10th February 2022 A (Ferozeshah) Company held their first Company Enrolment Evening for the new recruits.

Since returning to training, post-Covid lockdowns, we have had a mass influx of new cadets.

CSM Jo Hearn saw this as an ideal time to re-introduce the Army Cadet Enrolment Ceremony, with all cadets saying The Cadet Promise.

25 Cadets from across the company, who have been with us for 4-6 months were assembled for the evening. Their proud parents and guardians were also invited to watch their children receive their Detachment Affiliated Cap Badges and Certificate of Enrolment.

In attendance and presenting the Cap badges and Certificates was Col Britt Haggerty, Commandant of Wiltshire ACF. Padre Allan Jeans MBE, Senior Padre for Witshre ACF, A (Ferozeshah) Company OC Maj Lee Bampfield and WO2 Walls, Squadron Sergeant Major of The Royal Wessex Yeomanry.

During the ceremony, cadets from different cadres gave a talk to the new recruits and their parents on their personal cadet experience. With an audience of over 50 guests, Company Detachment DC/s, Instructors, and VIP guests, this was by no means an easy task. Especially for our younger cadets.

Cdt Texeria from Church Place Detachment gave a talk of his experience as a recruit.

Cdt Nicholls from Swindon Academy Detachment gave a talk of his experience as a 1 Star Cadet and The Corps of Drums.

Staff Cadet Sgt Koca from Church Place detachment, gave a talk on 2 Star cadres

Cdt RSM Giles. who has now turned 18 years old was appointed as a Staff Cadet CSM by Colonel Britt Haggerty. Staff Cadet CSM Giles gave a talk on 3,4 Star and Master Cadet

Staff Cadet CSM Hearn gave a talk on his experience as a Staff Cadet, one of the first Staff Cadets in the County and Country. Who incidentally was supposed to go to India on a cadet Exchange trip, but unfortunately it got cancelled due to Covid. But still keeps a high level of motivation despite his obvious disappointment with the cancelled opportunity.

Certificate of Enrolment

OC's Commendation

Additionally tonight Maj Lee Bampfield introduced a new award, that bridges the gap between Senior awards and detachment awards.

Tonight he awarded his first commendations to:

Staff Cadet Sgt Koca. Who since going to University and moving to Cheltenham, comes back to his detachment, which parades twice a week, without fail. He is also one of the first ones to volunteer for any external events.

Cdt Nicholls. Who since joining the Corps of Drums has a new lease of enthusiasm. Excelling in the musical side of Army cadets.

CSM Jo Hearn had this to say about the night "It was a great opportunity to capture our new parents/guardians and promote what the Army Cadet Force can offer their Cadets, probably in more ways than many thought. To understand that we are coaching them in important life skills rather than just running around a field getting muddy".

  • Cdt Nicholls award

    Cdt Nicholls receiving his award

  • Cdt Nicholls

    Cdt Nicholls giving his talk

  • Sgt Koka award

    SC Sgt Koca receiving his award

  • SC CSM Giles award

    SC CSM Giles appointed as a Staff Cadet

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