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Cadet Norfolk Engineers Annual Camp 2022

Cadet Norfolk Engineers Annual Camp 2022

31 August 2022

  • Norfolk ACF

Cadet Norfolk Engineers have finished their annual camp for 2022. The Squadron have enjoyed 9 days of training including; Shooting, Fieldcraft and Adventurous Training where the cadets all had a chance to try something new.

The squadron went straight into their Weapons Handling and Ranges where most got a chance to fire the SA80 live at 100m and 200m. Also on the shooting theme the cadets got to fire the air rifle and shotgun along with the DCCT.

After the shooting package and the cadets, well and truly refreshed on the weapon system, they deployed to the area where after a day of revision, they then were dropped into their military scenario.

When the scenario had been completed, the cadets headed back to our Cadet Training Centre for an admin turnaround, where they could then start their Adventurous Training.

During the AT package the cadets were put into their groups and attended an extended round-robin of activities from: Sailing, Kayaking, Paddle boarding, laser tag and of course, motorbike cross country riding.

Well Done CNE for a fantastic camp!

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