Cadet Norfolk Engineers Annual Camp 2021 Summary

Cadet Norfolk Engineers Annual Camp 2021 Summary

17 August 2021

  • Norfolk ACF

Cadet Norfolk Engineers (CNE) Squadron got straight into their camp with two days of Adventurous Training (AT). This included a day of Laser Quest, Archery and Airsoft then a day at Whitlingham Broad. The Squadron was split into different groups to experience some new sports to the cadets. The AT included: Sailing, Paddleboarding, Kayaking, a Skiing taster and tubing.

CNE Squadron then held a 3 day fieldcraft exercise. The new recruits to the Squadron began their basic cadre including lessons on: Badges of Rank, Cadet Small Bore Target Rifle Weapon Handling Test (WHT) and Shooting whilst the older ones boarded the transport and deployed out ‘on the ground’.

The fieldcraft training began with the cadets recapping their previous and current star levels to prevent any 'skill fade'. This is the first time in approximately 18months that Norfolk cadets have been on a field exercise so back to basics it was!

The cadets and adult volunteers were also joined by our Honorary Colonel, Lt General Page along with the squadron commander Major Pickering MBE who talked to the cadets and adults and took a keen interest on what was going on.

Members of CNE; 1,2 & 3 Star cadres then merged into a platoon to attack a series of fixed positions. This saw each section be an attacking, fire-support and reserve section on a variety of enemies in woodblocks and the open grasslands. The cadets came under contact and had to remember all their training and revision sessions to be able to attack or tactically withdraw from the situation unfolding before them. The cadets obviously needed to fully supress the enemy before being able to make the steps forward to be able to completely take the position and start the reorg.

All cadets clearly showed they were each giving 100% effort and worked extremely well in their respective sections. Positivity and high morale was also evident throughout the 5 days of the subunit camp through the ‘trying new things’ phase to the cadets getting out of their comfort zones. At the end, all cadets and adult volunteers had beaming smiles, indicating a very successful camp.

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    CFAVs getting into the spirit of leadership

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    First Aid

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    Camouflage and Concealment

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