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Cadet Norfolk Artillery Annual Camp 2021 Summary

Annual Camp has returned!

Cadet Norfolk Artillery Annual Camp 2021 Summary

9 August 2021

  • Norfolk ACF

Norfolk Army Cadets are back on Camp!

After missing out on our annual camp last year due to COVID-19, Norfolk ACF has sprung back into action this year and has started conducting sub-unit annual camps here in Norfolk.

Norfolk ACF is split into 3 sub-units and each one is having a scaled back, mini camp here in Norfolk. Cadet Norfolk Artillery (CNA) was the first to attend their localized camp where they created training 'Hubs'. These hubs were local detachments meeting in three areas for their training and adventurous training phases; Norwich, Loddon and Acle.

Phase 1 saw CNA battery conduct two days of 'green' training following the Army Proficiency Certificate (APC) syllabus at their hub locations. The cadets covered subjects including: Drill, Skill at Arms, Air Rifle Shooting, Fieldcraft and Navigation.

Phase 2 switched to the Adventurous Training (AT) element of camp, where cadets and adult volunteers alike could try taster sessions of: Skiing, Tubing, Sailing, kayaking, Archery, Climbing and a 10 mile expedition through the beautiful Norfolk countryside.

Although Annual Camp 2021 has clearly been very different to other years with reduced locations, non residential living and a lack of a large scale exercise, it is clear that all cadets and adult volunteers are happy to be back and have had an excellent time.

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    Drill and Marching

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    Air Rifle Shooting

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    Expedition and Navigation

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    Introduction to Skiing

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    Stand Up Paddleboarding

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