Moses Coleman

Cadet Moses Coleman first aid hero

Kent cadet uses his skills to help out in road traffic accident

Cadet Moses Coleman first aid hero

16 February 2021

  • Kent ACF

Cadet Moses Coleman, 14 of Canterbury Detachment Kent ACF was recently involved in a road traffic accident and used the skills he has learned whilst in the Army Cadets to keep his cool and help out the other injured parties.

Moses was on his way to school by taxi, after 20 minutes his mum received a call to say he’d been involved in an accident, so she rushed to the scene.

Moses was in the front seat and took the impact of the air bag, but his first reaction was to check the other four passengers in the car and the driver of the other vehicle.

Moses then knew, through the First Aid training he has undertaken at the Army Cadets, to get details of his location and inform the emergency services (he did this by using Google maps) – he asked for Police to manage the traffic, and an ambulance for the casualties. He calmly gave all the relevant details on the call to the emergency services whilst looking after the other casualties.

He gave his coat to a young boy who was shaking with shock, one of the adults with him was experiencing chest pains and the lady in the other car was initially not able to let go of the steering wheel. He spoke to her to keep her calm and advised her not to try to move.

He continued to liaise with the emergency services until they arrived and was checked over himself, the medic was amazed that apart from a burn on his arm from the air bag he was ok – Moses even went to school afterwards to take his mock exams!

Kent Police, District Commander for Canterbury, Chief Inspector Elena Hall said:

"Kent Police officers attend road traffic collisions on a daily basis and know all too well how upsetting an experience it can be for those involved, regardless of whether or not they have suffered any injuries.

‘For someone as young as Moses to help his fellow casualties in the way that he did displays a level of maturity and selflessness that will serve him well in his adult life. I would like to personally thank him for helping my officers at the scene of this collision and wish him all the best for the future.”

Colonel Richard Long TD, Commandant Kent ACF said:

“I am so proud of Cadet Coleman for remaining so calm and collected during what must have been a frightening experience.

I am so pleased he was able to remember what he has been taught during his First Aid lessons and use these in a real life situation – it takes guts to be able to remain composed and I’m equally pleased to hear that everyone involved has made a speedy recovery! Well done Moses you’re a credit to Canterbury Detachment and also the Army Cadet Force”.

Moses Coleman

Moses practicing his first aid skills

Cadet Moses Coleman said:

“Being in the Army Cadet Force has helped me in many ways, especially when I was placed in a real life emergency scenario, a 60 mph collision with oncoming traffic.

The ACF has taught me the social skills to communicate with people on the scene and more importantly to remain calm and deal with the situation like calling the police and then telling them exactly what they needed to know”.