Cadet RSM A Sculthorpe Col Harrison

Cadet CSM Amelia Sculthorpe Appointed to Cadet RSM

Cadet CSM Amelia Sculthorpe Appointed to Cadet RSM

26 June 2022

  • Greater Manchester ACF

SMI Debbie Callaghan, County Media Officer

The rank of Cadet Regimental Sergeant Major is the most Senior Cadet rank in the County. For a Cadet to be appointed as Cadet RSM it is a huge achievement.

On 25.06.2022 CSM Amelia Sculthorpe attended an interview for the appointment of Cadet RSM with our Commandant Col Catherine Harrison and RSMI Douglas Craddock. An excellent interview was held.

Cadet CSM Sculthorpe was on her Company Camp which made it convenient for her to attend the interview and receive the news on the same day, in person. Col Harrison went out onto the area where Cadet CSM Sculthorpe had returned after her interview. After speaking with some of the cadets on camp, Col Harrison very proudly announced that Cadet CSM Amelia Sculthorpe was to be appointed to Cadet RSM. All the cadets were very happy for Cadet RSM Sculthorpe.

Cadet RSM Amelia Sculthorpe was recommended for the position of Cadet RSM by her Company Commander Major Rob Macdonald, No 5 (Anzio) Company.

Major Macdonald spoke of Cadet RSM Sculthorpe: “I have known and worked with Amelia since she joined cadets in 2018. Throughout the whole of this period, she has demonstrated a quiet and steady approach to all her ACF activities. Quiet but confident. Amelia accepts with enthusiasm all the challenges and opportunities that the ACF offers. Throughout her attendance at her Detachment, Company & Senior Camps she has always been a considerable example to other cadets and staff. Amelia has a considerable record of achievements in the ACF.

Promoted to Cadet LCpl in March 2019 reaching Cadet CSM in April 2022. ​​​

Amelia has attended both our development Cadres in Leadership, Signals Course, has passed DofE Bronze, attended County Canada selection (the trip to Canada was cancelled due to Covid), many Waterloo Camps and Competition Shooting Camps.

My view is clear that Amelia will deliver leadership, she is an example for all, she has confidence and a valued work ethic. Her turn out is always to a high standard. She personifies our values and standards. Importantly Amelia is kind-hearted and thoughtful, she will lead and gather the affection from our cadets. However, make no mistake she delivers thoughtful and necessary authority when required.”

Well done Cadet RSM Amelia Sculthorpe. Very well deserved for all your hard work. It has certainly paid off.

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Cadet RSM A Sculthorpe Col Harrison
Cadet RSM Sculthorpe RSM Craddock