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Cadet corporal delivers socially distanced first aid

Cadet Corporal Bertani assisted with the first aid of a young boy from a two meter distance!

Cadet corporal delivers socially distanced first aid

15 April 2020

  • Surrey ACF

The Commandant wishes to pass on his personal congratulations to Cadet Corporal Bertani, from Burma Company's Farncombe Detachment, as her actions are a credit to Surrey ACF:

On Sunday 12th April, whilst Cpl Bertani was at home, a young boy cycled past her house with his father, and fainted. From a two metre distance, Cpl Bertani gave directions on how to put the boy in the recovery position and, with the help of another person, relayed the relevant information to the Ambulance service. Fortunately the boy made a quick recovery and was able to go home by car. Cpl Bertani stayed with them until the end.

She was able to do this because of the First Aid training she was given by Surrey Army Cadet Force!

Like many others, she feels the current situation very difficult but is pleased to have been able to help in this scenario!

Surrey ACF are extremely proud of the achievements here by Cpl Bertani! Well done on your confidence and willingness to go above and beyond to help!