Cadet competition2

Cadet Competition

Find out about Cadet Sgt Foster from D companies good deed to the NHS.

Cadet Competition

15 February 2021

  • Staffordshire & West Midlands (North Sector)

In December 2020 County ran a competition to see who could post pictures of the weirdest combination of socks being worn by both Cadet & Adult alike.

Sgt Forster entered the competition and was lucky enough to be one of the winners, receiving a prize of £30.Rather than waste the £30 like we would expect any teenager to do, Sgt Forster decided that she would like to assist someone who is less fortunate than herself in the run up to Christmas.

Sgt Forster settled on purchasing 20 selection boxes to be distributed amongst the patients of the Critical Care Unit of the Royal Stoke Hospital.As you can see from the pictures provided she was more than happy to allow the detachment and the ACF itself to attach itself to this selfless act by one of our Senior NCO’s rather than accepting all the publicity for herself.

Sgt Forster is a credit to Cross Heath, D Company and the Staffordshire & WM (NS) ACF.

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