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29 July 2019

  • Leicestershire Northamptonshire And Rutland ACF

20 Cadets recently did the late night trip on a Friday to Warslow in the Peak District.

The weekend enabled the cadets to try rock climbing on a rock face as opposed to a climbing wall. They were all issued with climbing shoes to assist and all realised that whilst they may be a little scared of heights they could all climb higher than they expected and that in a strange way it was easier to climb actual rocks than a climbing wall, especially as there are small cracks that you can force your foot or hand into. Of course all that goes up must come down so by default all did some abseiling back down the rock face, some much faster than others.

As well as the rock climbing cadets were offered mountain biking. The session started off with training all in the ability to cycle. This may seem strange but some cadets realised they don't use their gears as they should do and this training assisted them in understanding the best way to use a gear when trying to climb a hill. After the training it was off into the country side to find the refreshment stop point which was about half way round the course!

The last activity on offer during the day was water activities, cadets were either in a kayak or canoe and spent a number of hours increasing their skill base in paddling and after safety.

The weekend is one where the cadet get to those which activity they want to do, some chose to do all three and some opt to do the same activity a couple of times. As long as the ratios allow we facilitate this as much as possible.

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