C Company Skill At Arms Weekend

Cadets attended a SAA training weekend ahead of Ex Crypsis 2

C Company Skill At Arms Weekend

20 October 2021

  • Suffolk ACF

Congratulations to all those cadets that attended our Skill at Arms weekend and passed their WHT on the L98 A2. It was a long weekend and everyone worked really hard, putting in maximum effort to get through. Well done to you all and thank you to the Instructors for organising it.

  • DSCN0108
  • DSCN0113
  • DSCN0114
  • DSCN0119
  • DSCN0127
  • DSCN0129
  • DSCN0130a
  • DSCN0134
  • DSCN0135a
  • DSCN0140
  • DSCN0141
  • DSCN0142b
  • DSCN0144
  • DSCN0147
  • DSCN0151
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