SAA Weekend 4

"C" Company Skill at Arms Weekend - 22nd - 23rd October

"C" Company, Suffolk ACF hone their skills on all cadet weapon systems.

"C" Company Skill at Arms Weekend - 22nd - 23rd October

24 October 2022

  • Suffolk ACF

"C" Company cadets spent their weekend developing their knowledge and skill on the Air Rifle, L98A2 and the Target Rifle as part of a weekend of specifically structured training in Ipswich. Cadets were split into their star level training groups and given refresher lessons for outstanding weapon handling tests and targeted development to help cadets achieve their next star level for Skill at Arms training.

Some 2-star cadets even got an introduction to Zero'ing and adjusting rifle sights as part of their development.

A couple of long and tiring days but all cadets enjoyed the weekend and are now prepared for future weapons use be that in the field or on the shooting range!

Well done to all cadets and a big thank you to all CFAVs who attended and organised the event.

SI Garwood.

Saa weekend 2

Cadets were taught how to adjust the L98's sights.

SAA weekend 5

SSI Gleed teaches an introduction to the Air Rifle

SAA weekend 6

SSI Smith goes through the Target Rifle