C Company get hands on with The Royal Army Medical Corps,…

During the weekend of 17 – 19 September, Cadets from C Company Humberside and South Yorkshire ACF took part in their battle camp, where they were treated to hands on training with the Royal Army Medical Corps (RAMC).

C Company get hands on with The Royal Army Medical Corps, during battle camp

8 October 2021

  • Humberside And South Yorkshire ACF

Private Sam Curtis (19), who himself was a cadet in C Company, joined the Army in 2019 wanted to assist his former Company by helping enrich the cadet experience by bringing his skills back to camp along with four other members of the RAMC

All cadets went back to basics with fieldcraft training, covering various exercises during the day within the one and two-star syllabus, including a night exercise which all cadets enjoyed, while the team from the RAMC showed the cadets the equipment they use and carry every day as well as giving the cadets hands-on training on how to use a tourniquet.

Cadet Cpl Allan, Corp of Drums said: “the night exercise put everything into practice what we learned that day. I feel really happy and that I achieved something from all the training, its great to be back after so long off with lockdown.”

Captain Sarah Jones, C Coy Training Officer said: “ I would like to say thank you to the Cadet Force Adult Volunteers from D Company who helped us with the weekend and a huge thank you from C Company to Private Sam Curtis and the team from Catterick, we all had a fantastic experience day with the medical team while on camp”.

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    C Company on camp

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    Getting back to basics

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    Pte Sam Curtis giving a first aid lesson

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    Pte Sam Curtis give assistance in lessons

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    RAMC training cadets on camp

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