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Blended Annual Camp 2021

Colonel Barr-Jones the Essex Commandant leaves AC 2021 with a Final Note

Blended Annual Camp 2021

6 August 2021

  • Essex ACF

I am delighted to say that the Cadet Experience and training programme for our cadets on Annual Camp 2021 has been truly excellent

Col. Barr-Jones

We knew that this year our Annual Camp would be very different with only limited residential allowed and the remainder as Company led programmes. I am delighted that we could have our Cadet Sergeant’s Cadre as a residential course at the Cadet Training Centre (CTC) and they all did brilliantly, I am so proud of these Cadets who will now go back to their Companies as young leaders.

We were also able to run 2 x Intermediate Instructor Courses (IIC) and several excellent new adults will return to their Detachments and Companies ready for their next challenge on their journey to becoming fully qualified Adult Instructors.

The Companies were able to have overnight fieldcraft training exercises and rolled through various activities that included Adventurous Training with Paddleboards, Kayaks and Mountain Bikes, Range Days, Signals Wing Roadshow and Fishing with the excellent local charity ICARP, as well as running Basic Cadres and other Company level activity. I was delighted to visit all the Companies and activities and was very impressed with what we have been able to offer our cadets and adults this year and still ensure we were all safe and COVID aware.

Each and every one of our Cadet Force Adult Volunteers (CFAVs) and our senior cadets has put an immense amount of effort, hard work and dedication into planning and delivering an outstanding blended Annual Camp 2021. The work and logistic effort that has gone into this year is like running 5 x Annual Camps. I was also grateful for a number Regulars and Reservists who come and support us each year.

I am delighted to say that the Cadet Experience and training programme for our cadets on Annual Camp 2021 has been truly excellent and we could not have achieved this without the full support of our cadet parents and guardians who have been brilliant, and they now know how hard our adults work just getting their cadets ready in the right place, with the right kit for each day on a normal camp. Hopefully some will consider joining us as Non-Uniformed Volunteers or Potential Instructors in the future. Thank you all.

Have a Great Summer

Colonel Barr-Jones Commandant Essex ACF

I want all Adults and Senior Cadets to leave Annual Camp 2021 knowing that they have been a role model and an inspiration to all of the cadets that have been with us over the last two weeks; the cadets have all achieved great things, some more than they ever thought was possible and you have absolutely put them on the road to becoming the best that they can be and we set our young people up for lifelong success. There are some Detachments choosing to parade over the Summer and a few activities, but I want our adults and cadets to have a safe and restful few weeks in preparation for next term and safe in the knowledge that they have made a difference!

Col. Barr-Jones
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