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Ballygowan Training Night Success!

Ballygowan Training Night Success!

19 August 2021

  • 2nd Northern Ireland Battalion ACF

A very busy night of achievements at Ballygowan Detachment, F Company last night as they focus on helping both their Basic and One Star cadets through those subjects they need to finish their star levels and move up the ranks.

Drill and Turnout was tested and a high standard was recorded across both groups - well done to all the cadets for some great results 👏🏼👏🏼

APC One Star Military Knowledge was also tested, again with the cadets achieving great results - well done to you all 👏🏼👏🏼

Those cadets working towards achieving their APC Basic demonstrated an understanding of the Countryside Code, which they learnt last week, vital knowledge before they are take part in any expeditions.

Finally, the One Stars revised some vital life saving skills in dealing with bleeds and how to dress them using the correct bandages and dressings - skills for life!

Wow! What a busy night all round at Ballygowan Detachment, but definitely sounds like a lot was a achieved, all while having fun! Just what the ACF is all about.

If you fancy joining the detachment, why not come along next week and give it a try for yourself, or drop us a DM.

They meet every Wednesday evening from 1900-2200hrs at the Army Cadet Centre, 35 Manse Road, Carryduff, BT8 8DA.

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