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Back on the Road Again - Virtually

Welsh Guards entertain cadets from Somme Company with an informative and light hearted session on feeding in the field.

Back on the Road Again - Virtually

19 March 2021

  • Clwyd And Gwynedd ACF

Last night found members of the Welsh Guards entertaining cadets from Somme Company with an informative and light-hearted session on feeding in the field.

Thanks to the current restrictions and face-to-face training on hold Sergeant Peter Duffy and his team returned to the virtual world to help support Clwyd and Gwynedd, detachments.

The session covered the delights of the latest military ration packs including revelations on some of the lesser-known Welsh Guards “officers’ extras”. Although the virtual nutritional value was low the entertainment level was very high.

Sergeant Duffy said “it was a great night tonight, a good turnout from the staff and cadets. To get motivation back for the cadets and Adult staff and also motivation for ourselves we are going to deliver some light-hearted lessons as an alternative to the norm. We will be engaging once again with detachments of C&G ACF throughout the Covid period with LSgt Davies and LCpl Worthington giving informative and humorous lessons in which the cadets can enjoy and participate.”

Looking forward Peter added “We will also be providing lessons soon alongside our fellow infantryman from the Royal Welsh as part of the newly formed Infantry Engagement Team Wales.

Instructor Rebecca Ellis-Roberts posted “Thank you to those cadets and instructors who attended tonight’s virtual session with the welsh guards. Thank you to Sgt Duffy and his team for another great fieldcraft lesson”

  • WG Feeding1

    Ration pack introduction

  • WG Feeding2

    "Officer" ration pack

  • WG feeding3

    "Officers" dinner

  • WG Feeding4

    Thank you and good night

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