B Company Completes Successful Navigation Weekend!

The weather could not have been better for B Company's Navigation training last weekend, and the Company made the most of the beneficial conditions.

B Company Completes Successful Navigation Weekend!

15 October 2022

  • Yorkshire (North And West) ACF

Based at the Cadet Training Centre in Strensall, cadets and CFAVs from different cadres and star levels moved out into the surrounding countryside, and navigated their way to their respective finishing points.

As you will see from the attached pictures, there were lots of smiling faces - before, during and after their navigation exercise!

As well as gaining practical navigation skills, and star level passes, there were lessons in several APC syllabus areas, including Drill, Skill At Arms, Shooting and Military Knowledge.

The OC, Major Massey, closed her first B Company weekend with a large number of awards to both cadets and CFAVs - and a birthday card for our PSS, Capt Clark!


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