B Company CFAV Basic CIS (Communications & Information…

B Company detachment staff with additions from A & C Companies took part in Communication Information Systems (CIS) training this weekend. This is to get the staff in place for the formal addition of CIS/Signals to the APC Syllabus.

B Company CFAV Basic CIS (Communications & Information Systems) Course:

18 August 2021

  • 1st Northern Ireland Battalion ACF

2Lt White along with SMI Lyle ran the training with the Battalion CIS Officer Captain Pepper assisting with some training/testing. There was a total of 10 Students on the course which covered the Basic, 1 Star and 2 Star CIS training syllabus subjects. The training included the PRC 343 Personal Role Radio (PRR) and the PRC 710 Mercury Radio as well as covering phonetic alphabet and numbers, Date, Time Groups, Voice Procedure (VP), some Morse Code and Semaphore, Security procedures for CIS and then the general training safety relating to the radios.

With the course training completed and all staff passing the course, B Company are poised to be in an excellent position to get their cadets trained in CIS at Basic & 1 Star, as this would be required under the new syllabus for Cadets to pass their relevant Star levels.

There is also a residential opportunity for cadets to engage in Cyber Training in Blandford in October 2021.

CyberFirst Defenders Course, 23 - 29 Oct 21, HQ DSCIS Blandford: The CyberFirst Defenders course running at Blandford from Sat 23 – Fri 29 Oct 21 is open for bids. The course is aimed at cadets from 15 – 17 years old (others will be considered) and covers ethical hacking, building networks, password cracking, cryptography and opensource intelligence. If you are interested or have interest cadets please search for activity code CCISTT/CCD/21/786290 & get your cadets loaded via Training Officers and Carryduff