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Army Cadets Syllabus 21 Implementation

Full steam ahead for Cheshire ACF

Army Cadets Syllabus 21 Implementation

3 October 2021

  • Cheshire ACF
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The current Army Proficiency Certificate (APC) syllabus has been in service since 1990. Following a series of consultations and working groups it has now been updated to the Army Cadet Syllabus 2021 (ACS 21) and is now available on the Army Cadets Resource Centre.

The Assistant National Training Advisor, Major Peacock visited Fox Barracks to explain to our Cadet Force Adult Volunteers (CFAVs) a more detailed insight into how the new syllabus will work and answer questions.

The system of progression through star levels will continue. All subjects, less Cadet Music, will be mandatory at Basic and One Star levels. From Two Star, some subjects will remain mandatory and others will become optional. There are no mandatory subjects at Four Star. Master Cadet will continue to be the pinnacle of Army Cadet progression.

The County Training Officer, Major Bebbington, said “the county has already been preparing for the implementation and we have been planning for this day. Now it is here we are committed to pushing ahead to make the county stronger than ever!”

The county has already put key members of staff in place to assist with the implementation the new syllabus which will also focus more on Adventurous Training (AT) and Communication Information Systems (CIS). As the day concluded our CFAVs were able to get hands on with some of the equipment already available to detachments.