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11 April 2022

  • Wiltshire ACF
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Being part of the Army Cadets means that you are already part of a great team. You know that when you all work together you can succeed at pretty much anything. As part of this team, you will see other cadets and adult volunteers who are good role models, who set the standards high. But more importantly, they will have confidence in you, your abilities, and goals. They inspire you to push yourself that little bit further and go beyond your limits.

What makes these teams so special and really makes you want to be part of that team? Simple - good leadership, that’s what the Army Cadet Leadership Code is all about. The Army Cadet Leadership Code is based on our core Values. To us, courage, discipline, respect for others, integrity, loyalty and selfless commitment are more than just words in a booklet or on a poster; they are what the Army Cadets stand for, and what makes us stand out. Because of this, the Army Cadets are respected by the local communities in which our cadets and adult volunteers live, learn and play.

For more information, download the Army Cadet Leadership Code