Army Cadet Force Instructors Commemorate VJ Day in…

Army Cadet Force Instructors Commemorate VJ Day in Peterborough

14 August 2020

  • Cambridgeshire ACF

With face-to face cadet activities still suspended, normal commemorations and parades cannot happen. With today marking the 75th Anniversary of of VJ Day (Victory Over Japan) and the ending of the Second World War, various adults and cadets from all Cambridgeshire ACF Companies have held celebrations to mark the event. However, one group of Adult Volunteers from No.1 (Hereward) Company felt compelled to ensure this important anniversary was properly marked with an act of Remembrance.

Left to right, Able Seaman Corby (RN), SI Johnson, SMI Moody, SI Ray, SI Lester at Peterborough Centotaph. Picture; Doug Stuart/Cambs ACF

SMI Moody (Walton Detachment), accompanied by SI Ray (Fletton), SI Johnson (Talavera), SI Lester (Walton) and Able Seaman Corby of The Royal Navy, met this morning for a short wreath laying ceremony at Peterborough Cenotaph to remember the men of the Cambridgeshire Regiment who served in the Far East. The Cambridgeshire Regiment was captured at The Fall of Singapore in 1942 and endured three years of brutal mistreatment at the hands of The Imperial Japanese Army. Nearly 800 Cambridgeshire Regiment men died during Japanese captivity, along with tens of thousands of other British and allied servicemen. Although this regiment no longer exists, Cambridgeshire Army Cadet Force maintains its traditional link with the Cambridgeshire Regiment by still wearing their blue and black Tactical Recognition Flash on our uniforms today. Holding this act of commemoration was all the more significant due to family connections with men who served in the Far East. SMI Moody’s great uncle was a prisoner of the Japanese and was forced to work on the construction of the infamous Burma Railway. SI Lester’s Grandfather, Private Charles John Traer, served with The Royal Army Medical Corps in Burma. SI Lester wore his grandfather’s medals today in honour and remembrance of him.

SMI Moody lays the wreath. Picture Doug Stuart/Cambs ACF

Clockwise, SMI Moody, SI Johnson and SI Lester pay their respects. Picture Doug Stuart/Cambs ACF

The wreath was dedicated to The Cambridgeshire Regiment and included the famous lines of The Kohima Epitaph, 'When you go home, tell them of us and say, for your tomorrow, we gave our today.'

Text and Photos by PI Stuart, County P.R.O.