Army Cadet Chosen to be the Mayor of Peterborough’s cadet

Army Cadet Chosen to be the Mayor of Peterborough’s cadet

19 September 2021

  • Cambridgeshire ACF

Cadet Lance Corporal Ashley Stedman from Talavera Detachment has been chosen to be the Mayor's Cadet for the year 2021-2022. The Mayor of Peterborough, Councillor Stephen Lane, requested that a suitable Army Cadet be put forward to escort him on his official duties.

Detachment Commanders from Fletton, Talavera and Walton Detachments each nominated a number of cadets who showcase the ACF's Values and Standards in everything they do. The nominated cadets each wrote a letter outlining why they would be an excellent Mayor's Cadet. The letters were then anonymised and the DCs reviewed them and decided upon LCpl Stedman to carry out the duties.

The recent 100th Anniversary parade of the Peterborough Branch of the RBL, with the Mayor at left and Cdt LCpl Stedman centre. Photo: David Lowndes, Peterborough Telegraph.

Upon being selected, LCpl Stedman said ”I know I had a lot of competition to be chosen as the Mayor's cadet but I am so happy to have been appointed and I am really looking forward to taking up this position and proudly representing the Army Cadet Force”.

Dedication of the new Union Flag at 100th Anniversary parade of the Peterborough Branch of the RBL. Photo: Tony Francis.

Since being put forward LCpl Stedman has accompanied the Mayor and Mayoress on a number of official duties, starting with the Mayor Making ceremony in the Peterborough Cathedral and including events such as the Armed Forces Day service and the parade to mark the 100 year anniversary of the Peterborough Branch of the Royal British Legion. Cllr Lane has consistently praised the commitment of his cadet and has commented on how well he conducts himself at all times.

Cdt LCpl Stedman is awarded his Mayor's Cadet badge by the Mayor of Peterborough. Photo: Peterborough City Council.

SI Johnson, Talavera Detachment Commander, said “LCpl Stedman has consistently stepped up to support the Mayor and to promote the ACF in numerous public events. He is an asset to both the Army Cadets and to the Mayor, embodying our Values and Standards at all times”.

Cdt LCpl Stedman with SI Johnson and SSI Ray. Peterborough City Council.

Text by SSI Rylan Ray