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Ready, Steady, Go.....


4 May 2021

  • Merseyside ACF

For all you #teamMACF keen cyclists out there, this is a Competition for you..

Army Cadet Sports has set up a 70 Mile Cycle Challenge virtually around the Isle of White that is open for all Army Cadets and CFAVs'

The event is to provide all Army Cadets an opportunity to get involved in Sports and help build an esprit de corps and to have fun while keeping fit!

Also, virtual racing allows individuals to compete against one another in but in a safe way that conforms with the government’s current social distancing guidelines.

There are two parts to the competition:

1) This event is a cycling challenge and you will need to complete 70 miles within the month of May. The challenge is a virtual cycle ride around the Isle of White.

2) There will also be a multimedia competition. Cadets and CFAVs are encouraged to take photos and produce videos to showcase and introduce cycling into the Army Cadet Sports!

Once you have produced your media content, please submit it to your County PRO via your Detachment Level Closed Groups on Facebook or send directly to the Merseyside ACF County Facebook page via messenger but please make sure you label your content with your Rank, Name, Detachment and County.

The winning Regional winner will receive an Army Cadet Cycling Jersey and the overall winning content will win £100 voucher with Karuta Sportswear.

To participate you will need to download Strava to your phone and log into your Club and simply start recording your cycling each time you go out.

Strava Club Names

Please make sure you enter your name and County, Battalion, Sector or School

Army Cadets Sports CFAVs www.strava.com/clubs/Army-Cadets-Cycle-CFAVs

Army Cadets Sports Cadets www.strava.com/clubs/Army-Cadets-Cycle-Cadets


You can use any form of pedal power bike including static exercise bikes as long as it can be linked to STRAVA.

Before You start you must read the Rules, Security and Safety below


The rules for the challenge are shown below and must be adhered to especially the social distancing and safety:

  • Permission and Safety of the cyclist are under the conditions set by the parent or guardian
  • 70-mile challenge must be evidenced by Strava
  • Social distancing guidelines MUST be adhered too by local Government Guidelines.
  • Only efforts completed in May will be counted.
  • Road safety is down to the Individual cyclers and MUST obey all road traffic laws if using roads.
  • If any rider is using mountain bikes, then great care must be in place while riding off road.
  • You are encouraged to ride with another member of the same household.


Be aware that when uploading your Strava data will show the start location. In order to ensure that you are not giving details of your home location then all cyclers are advised to begin their challenge 1 mile away from their home address.

Guidance would be to warm up without Strava on and then start Strava at the beginning of your cycling challenge. Make sure that your cycling does not end at your home location.

You can also set the privacy zones that hides the start/finish location of your ride.


All Cadets are responsible for their own safety while out cycling and we encourage you to go cycling with another member of the same household. Please read the ROAD SAFETY TIPS FOR CYCLERS before setting of on your cycle ride.


All riders are encouraged to take artistic photographs of their personal challenge and the winning regional marketing content will win an Army Cadet Cycling Jersey.

The overall winning content will win £100 voucher with https://karuta-sportswear.com

Best of Luck all and remember stay safe and keep smiling!

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