Armed Services Day 1

Sidcup and Thamesmead Events

Armed Services Day 1

25 June 2022

  • Greater London South East Sector ACF
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    106 & 103 at Sidcup Armed Services Club

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    109 at Thamesmead Morrisons

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Armed Services Day was celebrated by three of our cadet detachments today with 106 and 103 recruiting in Sidcup and 109 recruiting in Thamesmead Morrisons.

At the Sidcup event the Armed Services Club was host and Scorpion tank was the star of the show in the car park. The cadets walked the High Street distributing leaflets and promotional materials to parents and children alike.

Meanwhile over at Thamesmead our fantastic store champion and friend of the ACF Cherie helped us recruit new adults and cadets with a stand in the car park while raising money for a local hospice.

More fun and events to follow seeing us back at Thamesmead and the Bexleyheath parade in the morning.