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Are you looking to join us as a cadet? (new recruit)

Are you looking to join us as a cadet? (new recruit)

9 August 2021

  • Greater Manchester ACF

SMI Debbie Callaghan, County PRO

This information is for new recruits only. Current cadets please visit your detachment Facebook group to ask any questions you may have.

As more detachments across Greater Manchester open their doors to the cadets there are some that are still too open.

Our Cadet Force Adult Volunteers (CFAV) are working hard to complete the necessary checks and do the work needed to ensure everything is in place to open the detachments. It is almost 18 months since our CFAV’s have visited their detachment. You can imagine the cleaning, water safety checks, risk assessments, and much more that needs doing. All of this is being completed with the assistance of the permanent staff who also have responsibility for detachments.

It is hoped that from the week commencing 6 September, new recruits will be welcomed at detachments, this is subject to the detachment being to open. Some are planning to open the following weeks.

To find a detachment in your area please click the link here Find a detachment | Army Cadets UK This will ask for your postcode.

Once completed you will be taken to a page that lists the detachments in the area you live. Choose the detachment you would like to join and click on join as a cadet. (example below)

This will take you to another form where your parent/guardian can complete their contact details, and someone will be in touch. This can be done from today, 9 August 2021. (example below)

You will also be welcome to attend the detachment (when open) with your child and speak to the Detachment Commander about joining. The dates and times can be found on the website. However, during this current time please contact our County HQ (from the 6 September) to confirm the detachment is open on the night you wish to attend, to prevent an unnecessary journey as some detachments are temporarily only open on one night a week.

All young people aged 12 and in year 8, up to the age of 18 are welcome to join. We are very excited to return to training and fully open again in order to give the young people of Greater Manchester fantastic opportunities that they may not get elsewhere.

Looking forward to meeting new recruits and all our current cadets.

Please do not contact our County HQ before the 6 September as they will not have any more details than written here. Thank you for your patience.

The contact details are:


Telephone: 01204512600

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