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Another Busy Weekend for Derbyshire ACF!

Derbyshire ACF ran yet more courses for their adult volunteers over the weekend.

Another Busy Weekend for Derbyshire ACF!

22 June 2021

  • Derbyshire ACF

This weekend saw Derbyshire ACF adult volunteers put through their paces during the Basic and Intermediate Induction Courses. 5 new potential PIs attended BIC, completing several training elements including Drill and Turnout, Navigation and Badges of Rank. There is still a little more to cover with the BIC group, including Cadet Force Instructional Techniques (CFIT), before they successfully complete the course.

5 CFAVs took part in further IIC training with 3 full completions. The next stage for these volunteers is now attending the AIC.

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"Well done to all those that attended, and a further thanks go to the directing staff for their efforts."

SMI Hickerman

An Emergency First Aid at Work course also being ran this weekend saw 14 adult volunteers from various companies becoming first aid trained and qualified.

"First Aid is a vital skill; it allows us to train safely and put into practice those skills when needed in the community. After today we now have more qualified adult volunteers who are potentially life savers."

Captain J Langham - MSO
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    Who has the shiniest boots?

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    Practising bandaging techniques

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    Lt Thomas practising abdominal thrusts

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    Checking airway

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    Drill in full swing

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