Annual Camp Week 2

Second week of annual camp - by Capt N Bizzell

Annual Camp Week 2

27 August 2022

  • Humberside And South Yorkshire ACF

The second week of camp has drawn to a close and we are at the end of an exciting two weeks.

A new batch of One stars had their camp experience with a program of activities mirroring the first but with a fresh set of faces. the cadets took part in a range of activities including weapon handling, first aid, navigation, fieldcraft and a trip out to Adrenaline.

The other star levels continued their training from the first week, some returning from the training area (in some stye) and others heading out. Those returning took their turn using the camp facilities trained on the DCCT and took part in some very realistic first aid training. Fortunately all of the injuries were simulated by our very talented CFAVs.

The final parades saw a number of promotions and awards including the Platinum Jubilee Medal to eligible CFAV. Each Adult volunteer who has a minimum service of 5 years was awarded the medal. There were lots of promotion and certificates and prizes marking the achievements and accomplishments of the cadets and staff over the two weeks.

See the photographs in the links below.

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