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Annual Camp - Day 7

The final day! Fieldcraft, Adventure Training and final parades.

Annual Camp - Day 7

12 August 2023

  • Humberside And South Yorkshire ACF

The final day and it was a little more grey than we have become used to.

Still it didn't dampen the spirits of the cadets who thoroughly enjoyed their final day of training.

B and E companies were out doing on the second day of the AT package. Lots more happy faces and memories made with the groups swapping to ensure they all had a chance to do all the activities.

C and D companies returned to camp after a night in the field and a day of fieldcraft.

It was then a quick wash up and then company parades. Each company gave out a host of awards recognising the efforts and achievements of cadets and staff over the camp period.

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It was then over to Captain Summers to finish the camp as the padre had started it with a parade and drum head service

A few final promotions and presentations were made before the closing address by Commandant, Colonel Fred Owen.

A final march past and a camp photograph finished off the day and then cadets all headed back to the accommodation to pack up ready for an early departure tomorrow morning.

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