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ANNUAL CAMP DAY 5 3rd Aug 2022

The Royal County of Berkshire Annual Camp 2022

ANNUAL CAMP DAY 5 3rd Aug 2022

4 August 2022

  • Royal County Of Berkshire ACF

Day 5.......

Our Two and Three Star Cadets are out on Field Craft this is their second day out learning all sorts of skills, from patrolling, Section formations, Field Signals, team work.

The One Star Cadets had a day of Air Rifle and personal development.

What is personal development? For our Cadets it is about pushing their personal abilities, doing things that they would not normally get to do.

They had a round robin of activities such as the climbing tower, Mountain Biking and Archery and the Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) kits, all designed to test our cadets limits and to develop their own skills.

For some it might be overcoming a fear of heights, even if they did not get to the top of the climbing wall, the fact they gave it a go means they have pushed themselves and overcome their own personal boundaries. For others it might be riding a bike or shooting an arrow.

Lots of smiling and laughter can been seen and heard around the camp, it's so nice to be back doing what we love to do!

Tomorrow brings our visitors who will be shown around and get a look at what a great youth organisation like the Army Cadets provides to our youth of today.

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Climbing high

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With encouragement you can achieve

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You can make it if you try hard enough