Annual Camp Begins!

Day 1

Annual Camp Begins!

6 August 2022

  • Cambridgeshire ACF

Arrival and checking in.

Our first residential Annual Camp in three years got underway today at Wretham Camp, Thetford. With 316 cadets and 95 adults taking part, and many months of planning by our Training Officer, senior staff and other colleagues, our first day unfolded smoothly and with a great deal of excitment and enthusiasm in anticipation of the coming events.

IMG 2793

Meeting friends and making new ones.

The first priority was arrival and booking in. This was followed by the cadets and adults settling in to the accomodation, and beginning to find their way around the camp. Later in the afternoon the cadets formed up in their Companies and were inspected, ready for the afternoon's parade.



All the cadets and adults formed up on the parade square and were addressed by the Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM) and the Commandant, who welcomed them to the camp. After this, the Senior Padre gave an address to the cadets explaining how he and his colleague could help them during the camp.

6 D2 A2799web

RSM Hockey addresses the parade.

This camp is unusual in that we are being joined by a group of Officer Cadets from Cambridge University Officer Training Corps (OTC). Their role is to help support our training, and help teach our cadets, as well as using the opportunity to further their own training and develop their leadership skills.

IMG 2895web

Members of the OTC pose as the sun sets.

In the evening, things got very lively for the cadets in their mess, which included singing and dancing. The camp is full of excitment for what will prove to be a very busy and action packed week ahead.

IMG 2866web

Cadets looking forward to the week ahead.

Text and Pictures by SI Doug Stuart