Annual Camp 2023

Annual Camp 2023

8 August 2023

  • Cambridgeshire ACF

The highlight of our year - Annual Camp - is well under way. Our cadets are undertaking fieldcraft training, including simulated battle excercises, and also taking part in many different adventure training activities, including kayaking, laser-tag games, clay pigeon shooting, motorcycling and obstacle courses.

3 E7 A4041

A cadet NCO gives orders in the field.

6 D2 A4061

Cadets advance through a smoke screen.

6 D2 A4124

Cadet Borillo takes up a defensive position.

3 E7 A3083

Cadets taking part in the laser tag games.

6 D2 A4167


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Obstacle course.

3 E7 A4301

On the climbing wall.

3 E7 A4152

1 Coy attacks.

6 D2 A3975

A 1 Coy cadet aims his rifle.

3 E7 A5494

A cadet on a water slide.

3 E7 A6906

A bugler from the Corps of Drums.

6 D2 A5887

a cadet in the field.

Pictures by SI Doug Stuart.