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Annual Camp 2022 Part 3

3 Star Wing with 9 Company

Annual Camp 2022 Part 3

25 August 2022

  • Greater London South East Sector ACF
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Part 3 of these Annual Camp 2022 articles focuses on 9 Company who led the 3 star senior wing and were also based at Dibgate Camp for the fortnight. They also took part in a slightly longer exercise and were able to visit the Battle of Britain Memorial as well.

There were great achievements for the 3 stars which culminated in a parade on the last day of camp seeing awards and promotions for all concerned. We look forward to welcoming new staff cadets and for some of our staff cadets to join us as adults. Again the Dibgate teams experienced some unforgiving heat during the first week of camp especially as well as deluge of rain in week two but the spirit was not dampened and by the end of the second week a lot of cadets had achieved badges, star boards and certificates and staff were able to return home confident of a job well done despite this not being a usual camp for us. There follows a shutdown to enjoy a break before we start again in September and planning starts for a full camp at Westdown on Salisbury Plain in 2023!