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ANNUAL CAMP 2022 Day 6

The Royal County of Berkshire Annual Camp 2022 4th Aug

ANNUAL CAMP 2022 Day 6

5 August 2022

  • Royal County Of Berkshire ACF

Well we are now on day 6 of our Annual Camp!

Today was filled with our invited guests, we had mayors from our local area's the Vice Lord Lieutenant, SE RFCA members and many more!

It was a great opportunity to show them what a great youth organisation the Army Cadets is and what the Cadets get up to.

They saw our One Stars on personal development, our Potential Instructors on their training to become fully qualified Cadet Force Adult Volunteers, and then we took them out in the field to see the Three Stars with our Norwegian Friends and Two stars.

Tomorrow is a huge day, we will be rehearsing for our final parade and there will be awards and medals given out.

Stay tuned for Day 7, it will be posted on Sunday along with lots of pictures!

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Visitors day with the Three Stars

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Field Craft

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Two Stars in the Field

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After it's all finished

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Chatting with our Guests