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ANNUAL CAMP 2022 DAY 1 30th July 2022

The Royal County of Berkshire Annual Camp 2022

ANNUAL CAMP 2022 DAY 1 30th July 2022

31 July 2022

  • Royal County Of Berkshire ACF

The past couple of years have brought a halt to many Cadet Camps, last year we had our "tented camp" But this year we are back in full swing with training.

Cadets from around the Royal County of Berkshire arrived at our camp location on Saturday 30th Aug 2022 excited and ready to get stuck in with all the events and training for a week.

After they were all booked in, they attended a briefing about what to expect. They were put into their training groups.

There was another great surprise for some of the Cadets they received a well earned promotion. The Commandant appointed his new Cadet Regimental Sergeant Major, the first one for a couple of years. 2 Cadets promoted from Staff Sergeant Cadets to Cadet Sergeant Majors, 3 Cadets promoted from Cadet Sergeant to Cadet Staff Sergeant and 2 Cadet Corporal's to Cadet Sergeant.

All Cadets were issued a "goodie" bag which contained some essential equipment for them to use at camp. They got a camp t-shirt, bush hat, head torch, camouflage cream, sun cream, insect repellent.

We are lucky this year too, we have 25 cadets along with their adults from Norway joining us for the first time since lock down and we are happy to have them with us to enjoy our Annual Camp.

Wakelin rsm

From Cadet CSM to Cadet RSM

Staff Sergeant to CSM

From Cadet Sgt to Cadet CSM

Cadets to staff sergeant

From Cadet Sgt to Cadet Staff Sergeant