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Annual Camp 2021 Visitor Day Presentations

Presentations to our ever hardworking Adult Volunteers made by our Visitors at Annual Camp 2021

Annual Camp 2021 Visitor Day Presentations

1 September 2021

  • Durham ACF

As part of Visitor Day at #ACFAnnualCamp2021 we had some presentations to be made to our Adult Volunteers. A huge well done to you all on your well deserved awards you are an #Inspiration. Thank you also to our visitors Brig. P Baker - CEO NERFCA, Col. G Straughan - Chairman NERFCA, Wing Cmdr. H Lowe - Deputy Chairman NERFCA, Col. I Clyde - Deputy CEO NERFCA, Mr K McMichael - NERFCA Schools Cadet Expansion Officer, Col. C Tearney - 4X Col. Cadets, and WO1 D Lightfoot - ACF Command SM.

The following awards were to be presented (however not all were able to attend).


Capt K Crammond, , Capt HE Longstaff, 2LT LJ Brown-Scofield, SMI GC Suwinski, SMI CM Turner

1st Clasp to the Cadet Forces Medal

Maj CSL Adcock

2nd Clasp to the Cadet Forces Medal

RSMI J Sayers, Maj P Thornley

Presentation of Cadet Forces Warrant

SMI Aicheson, SMI Alexander, SMI Bland I, SMI Bland D, SMI Carney, SMI Corbett, SMI Dryden, SMI Fairish, SMI Fidler, SMI Haswell, SMI Henderson, SMI May, SMI Roberts, SMI Sayers, SMI Simpson, SMI Suwinski, SMI Trevor, SMI Turner, SMI Wardman, SMI Watson K, SMI Wilkinson

RSM Wilkinson was also presented with a special gift on behalf of the Sergeants Mess by Col C Tearney - 4X Col. Cadets

Col. Neil Foster - Commandant Durham ACF received a gift from C Company presented to him by CSM Suwinski