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Annual Camp 2021. Report 4

Expeditions, Promotions and Ranges!

Annual Camp 2021. Report 4

12 August 2021

  • Greater London South East Sector ACF
  • 10 Coy Cadet O Smith

    Best Shot 10 Coy: Cdt Smith

  • 20210809 145243

    Woolwich Station

  • 20210809 085032

    PRO and Padre White

  • DSC01733

    9 Coy Training

  • 9 Coy Cadet Pretorius

    Best Shot 9 Coy: Cdt Pretorius

  • E8d Q Sr W Xo A0jz KT

    Hythe Ranges

  • 20210810 123304


  • 7 Coy Cdt Ferreira sardinha

    Best Shot: 7 Coy Cdt Ferreira Sardinha

  • 20210811 095803

    Charlie Bear with the Expedition Map

  • 20210811 120649

    Charlie and Bob the #EveryCadet Bears

  • 236206901 10158317177521769 3193558949428148048 n


  • 3 Star Sgt Sands

    Best Shot 3 Star: Sgt Sands

  • 20210812 113152

    Promotion Lt Price

  • 20210812 115204


  • E8m0sj C Xo AM1 O0 B

    Bob Bear by the River

/ 15

Where to start?! The last few days have been busy with expeditions, ranges, barrack training and a promotion!

This week saw the expeditions take place which ran between Otford and Eynsford in Kent and the weather was good happily! A group of adults took the cadets on what proved to be a very enjoyable walk where we learnt all about navigation and route cards. A large number of passers by took an interest in what the cadets were doing and the cadets enjoyed chatting with them and sharing their experiences. Charlie and Bob Bear the #EveryCadet bear mascots came along with the cadets and enjoyed helping with map reading and having their photo taken!

Down at Hythe Ranges, the shooting package took place. Many congratulations to the winners of the best shot! Cadet Smith from 10 Company, Cadet Pretorius from 9 Company and Cadet Ferreira Sardinha from 7 Company all received trophies along with Cadet Sergeant Sands who won the 3 star trophy for best shot!

Back at base the companies continued with drill and barrack training with 7 Company at Tulse Hill, 9 at Woolwich and 10 at Orpington and Grove Park. At Grove Park the Commandant visited to promote Second Lieutenant, now Lieutenant Denise Price, valued staff member at 102 Detachment and our Sector First Aid Training Officer. Many Congratulations Denise!