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Annual Camp 2021. Report 2

Drill, Fieldcraft, Museum Visits, PT and More!

Annual Camp 2021. Report 2

6 August 2021

  • Greater London South East Sector ACF

Annual Camp continues...

Thursday saw the 3 Star Drill taking place at Sector HQ under the watchful eye of the RSM and after dropping in on 10 Company at Orpington, the PRO made his way down to 9 Company who ere undertaking their fieldcraft exercise at Mereworth, this was completed just in time to miss the rain which set in for the evening. The cadets greatly enjoyed being back out in the fieldcraft and the atmospheric surroundings of Mereworth added real drama to the event with the mist of a summer evening presaging the rains!

Friday was 10 Company's turn at Mereworth where they were a bit luckier with the weather while 9 Company had a PT afternoon assisted by Jake our friend from the Rifles! Friday also was time for the visit to the Imperial War Museum and the Army Museum lead by RSM Peter Harrison and Padre Andrew White who were able to share their knowledge and expertise with the senior cadets.

This weekend promises more fun with the adventure training packages, visitors day and some more expeditions...check back to see how we got on!