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Annual Camp 2002 Part 2

2 Star Wing with 10 Company

Annual Camp 2002 Part 2

25 August 2022

  • Greater London South East Sector ACF
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In this second article on Annual Camp 2022 we focus on the 2 stars who were at Dibgate camp under the auspices of 10 Company where they got to grips with signals, First Aid, the weapon system and took part in an exercise. The exercise took place in very hot conditions, however a siesta was allowed and the night was refreshingly cool compared to the warmth in camp. The stars and the sunsets provided some memorable views from the harbour area! We were also lucky to have access to the obstacle course at St Martin's Plain aided by Lt Katehis.

A highlight of the fortnight was the visit to the Battle of Britain Memorial at Capel-le-Ferne near Dover; this comprised a fantastic dramatization of the battle as well as a shop, memorial wall and museum. The views of France are spectacular, where on a clear day you can see cars and the lights at night seem so close, this only underlines what it must have felt like to be this close during the war and the gravity of the situation before the Battle of Britain took place. The museum staff complimented us on the parade and short ceremony and silence held at the memorial, see below for the photos and other highlights of the two weeks.