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Annual Camp 2002 Part 1

1 Star Wing with 7 Company

Annual Camp 2002 Part 1

25 August 2022

  • Greater London South East Sector ACF
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Welcome to a series of three articles looking at the Greater London South East Sector Annual Camp held in August 2022 at two locations: Blackheath and Dibgate Camp near Folkestone. Each of these articles will focus on a different wing of the camp. This first article will showcase the One Star wing which was held at Blackheath Sector HQ under the leadership of 7 Company.

The one star wing was split into two sections with a changeover half way through the week, the wing included a fieldcraft section which saw them travelling down to Dibgate to take part in an exercise with the senior wings. The one stars travelled down in week one and in week two which was a great opportunity to meet up with colleagues stationed at Dibgate. The fortnight was huge fun and the staff made excellent use of Blackheath and its environs. They did get the worst of the heat though, lacking the sea breeze which was so welcome by the coast near Folkestone! See some of the highlights in the photo section!